About Balance

Balance Fitness & Health is more than a name..

Through years of training experience, owner and lead trainer David Bertrand recognized the need for more than just fitness. So many factors influence Fat Loss, Performance, and overall Health. BioSignature Modulation is the tool that filled the need and created Balance. Through BioSignature we are able to individualize each nutrition and supplementation regimen. Combine fitness, nutrition, and the correct supplementation and you have guaranteed results!

Education is paramount in the wellness industry. David and all of the trainers at Balance Fitness & Health continually improve their educations annually through hours of class time and real application!

David Bertrand

Founder & Lead Trainer

With over 20 years of experience, owner and lead trainer David Bertrand focuses on more than just fitness..


Personal Trainer

Seth is a CCSU graduate, with a bachelor's degree in exercise science..


Personal Trainer

Is a CCSU graduate, with a masters in exercise science. .


Personal Trainer

Having over 7 years of personal training experience Sean is a well seasoned trainer..