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Get the Vitamin D Advantage: It May Boost Performance and Will Prevent Disease

Get the most out of your training by taking vitamin D. There’s a wealth of evidence that optimal vitamin D levels are linked with better athletic performance, and now that we’re going into shorter days... read more

Avoid “Dirty Electricity”: to Improve Insulin Sensitivity and Prevent Diabetes

Create an electromagnetically clean environment and improve insulin health. There’s evidence that “dirty electricity” causes insulin resistance and high blood sugar, and has other serious health more


Take Omega-3 Fish Oil To Decrease Depression and Prevent Alzheimer’s

Take an omega-3 fish oil supplement to decrease depression and prevent the cognitive decline that comes with early onset dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. A new study provides more evidence that the omega-3... read more


Use Short Sprints Best For Anaerobic-Sport Training, Long Sprints For Best GH Response

Use short sprint training as the primary protocol for better anaerobic sport performance. Vary the conditioning protocol to include longer sprints for the best growth hormone (GH) response and to more


Be Wary With Prescription Drugs: Opt for Older Drugs With Patient-Proven Outcomes

Use extreme caution when choosing to take prescription drugs because FDA approval of a drug doesn’t mean it has proven clinical benefits for patients, nor does it mean that all serious side effects more


Double Vitamin D Intake and Live Longer: Vitamin D Supplement is Effortless Way to Prevent Disease

Take Vitamin D, live longer, and prevent a host of debilitating diseases. The wonders of vitamin D are well known by the Poliquin readership, and a new research review published in the European more


Prevent Knee Pain or Injury with Single Leg Training

Perform single leg training to strengthen muscles around the hip and knee and prevent knee pain or injury. Whether you suffer from occasional or chronic knee pain or are a competitive athlete who more


Maximize Hypertrophy: Drop Sets, Forced Reps, and Heavy Negatives

Use specialized training techniques including drop sets, forced reps, and heavy eccentric negatives to get the greatest hypertrophic response. Advanced trainees and competitive athletes alike will more


Poliquin's Top 10 Carb Intake Rules for Optimal Body Composition

Optimal body composition with a low-carb, high-protein diet is not just about eating a limited amount of carbs and upping your protein intake. Rather, a lean, strong physique is best achieved by more