Energy System

Group Training at Balance Fitness & Health

Group Energy System Training

Our Saturday Group Energy System Training is designed to maximize fat loss and muscle growth in a fast paced environment.


Optimizes Fat Loss

Metabolic Conditioning

Tone Muscles


Our Energy System session utilizes resistance training to increase muscle tone and burn fat simultaneously. Our group training work is mixed with modified strongman exercises and traditional lifts such as sled pushes, tire flips and all forms of squatts, presses, and pulls. The result is a system that addresses both muscle toning and fat loss simultaneously. This is the most efficient way to improve body composition.


If you're looking for intelligent training that maximizes your time then look no further! Balance Fitness & Health members enjoy their first Energy System session completely free of charge.

Private Groups

Private Group Training at Balance Fitness & Health

Private Group Training

Just like our personal 1 on 1 clients, you and your partner(s) will receive a professionally designed program that is customized to your personal body type, physical strength and goals. Your private group will not only receive personl attention and support from one of our trainers, but continued performance assessments and evaluations to ensure your success and optimal progression.


Experience the difference with your friends or partner in a private and professional studio environment without the crowd and frustration of big gyms, while utilizing the most state of the art equipment in your sessions.