Custom training solutions designed for your specific goals

When you come in to Balance Fitness & Health, LLC for your personal fitness evaluation we take the time to assess your personal fitness goals, and discuss what expectations are realistic for you personally. We always aim to dramatically increase your results in the shortest amount of time while making the transition into your new fitness program as smooth as possible.

Balance Fitness programs are uniquely designed by personal fitness expert David Bertrand. The three step design process involves obtaining your BioSignature, examining current nutritional habits, and observation of your personal movement patterns. The three step process allows for optimal nutritional support and exercise program design. Professional assessment of hormone and mechanic patterns is crucial in determining the approach and implementation of your personal fitness plan.

Our programs are designed for both men and women and consist of fitness training, diet modification, and nutraceutical support. Our three step process allows us to plan your progressions accordingly to optimize your results.  Your personal training programs are a blend of optimal and reality. Simply put; We plan for the best, but know life, children, and careers are reality and try our best to blend the two.

P.I.M.S.T. or Poliquin Instant Muscle Strengthening Technique

is a series of techniques developed by world renowned strength coach, Charles Poliquin.  Utilizing muscle activation points, Chinese acupressure & clearing of meridian pathways, these techniques facilitate optimal nervous system function and can offer immediate results in the areas of:

  • • Range of Motion 
  • • Neural Drive
  • • Fascia Release
  • • Postural Alignment
  • • Meridian balance

Think of these techniques as a way to reboot your nervous system in order to send revised signals to your muscles, helping them to either contract or relax depending on the technique in use.

My direct experience with P.I.M.S.T. resulted in an immediate increase in muscle activation and neural drive while doing everything from chins and squats to an 80 degree incline barbell press.  I could feel greater motor unit recruitment and in the case of both incline press and chins was able to achieve additional reps while using the same load and tempo!  I felt a noticeable increase in strength and stability that was most apparent during lifts with a slow eccentric tempo.

P.I.M.S.T. is a must have technique that can facilitate all training goals!

Why Choose Us


  • Accelerated Fat Loss

    Personalized programs ensure maximum results in less time because they based on your personal goals.


  • Improved Structural Balance

    Applying structural balance principals to your workouts create impressive results in less time, and prevent injuries.

  • Optimized Workouts

    Our goal is to understand you, your needs, and your goal. Every program we create is personalized and based on you.


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