Professional diet & nutritional consultation with every program we create

Nutritional balance is the cornerstone for optimal health and is essential for faster fat loss and enhancement. Our bodies demand more than current diets are providing.

All Balance Fitness clients begin with a comprehensive consultation to identify your personal fitness goals and current fitness level. The information obtained will support the design and implementation of your personal fitness program.

Nutritional Modification

Nutritional balance is the cornerstone of optimal health and is essential for faster fat loss and performance enhancement. Lifestyle and food quality is a far cry from what it was 50 years ago. Modern lifestyles are fast pace and stressful. In addition, nutrient deficiencies result from poor quality foods and calorie restricted diets. Simply put, our bodies demand more that our foods are not providing. Our focus is to modify and supply your diet with quality food combined with the best pharmaceutical grade supplementation. Our approach closes the gap of the modern lifestyle and optimal health.

High Quality SupplementationĀ 

Balance Fitness & Health , LLC provides the highest quality supplementation products that fall under the "Good manufacturing practice" or "GMP". This is part of a quality system covering the manufacture and testing of active pharmaceutical ingredients. We guarantee the bioavailability of our supplements to meet or exceed label claims. We hold our supplementation to the same high standard as our physical training.

Why Choose Us


  • Accelerated Fat Loss

    Personalized programs ensure maximum results in less time because they based on your personal goals.


  • Improved Structural Balance

    Applying structural balance principals to your workouts create impressive results in less time, and prevent injuries.

  • Optimized Workouts

    Our goal is to understand you, your needs, and your goal. Every program we create is personalized and based on you.


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